What does it cost?

• Individual $95

• Saturday or Sunday only $30

This includes cabin space for the weekend, meals, snacks, beverages and activities. Consider how much you paid for a hotel room and food when you compare the cost. It's actually pretty cheap compared to most other all-weekend furry events.

Can I room with my friends?

Each cabin has two bedrooms, each with 4 double bunks, and a small “counselor’s room”, but more importantly, each has light and heat. There are no interior doors, so we’re sharing space just like at camp. Some of the cabins are wheelchair accessible; talk to us and we’ll get you the details.

On the registration page, tell us who you plan to room with and we will make every effort to set that up for you. If you’ve got a group where one of you is able to take point as our contact person, let us know who that is. We can work with you. Each cabin we open adds to our costs, so we have to balance giving groups space versus trying to fill every bunk before opening the next cabin. We want you to have a fun weekend, and we want to be flexible to make that happen; your flexibility is appreciated.

Some folks have come to camp alone, and that’s cool too -- let us know if you have any requests or concerns!

Got ideas? Got questions? Talk to us!

We get these facilities at a low cost because we agree to clean them ourselves. The cost of this event goes up greatly if we don't. The counselor’s rooms are being assigned to event staff (who pay full price otherwise), as a perk for the amount of extra time they spend on site, and the work they do to help make the camp happen. If you’re interested in getting more involved, let us know. If you would like to help us clean Monday morning, we have some staff positions available for that purpose.

Who can go?

Being a werewolf is optional, but we do require that you’re at least 18 years old to attend. This is a great event for outdoor enthusiasts, gamers, photographers, fursuiters, and fuzzy folks who enjoy sitting around the fire with other interesting fuzzies. The campsite only has so much space; once we fill that we may have to put people on a waitlist just in case somebody cancels.

The deadline to register is January 4th at 9 PM. The event is capped at 60 people. If we reach that limit before registration closes you can be put on a waitlist, but you cannot attend unless somebody else cancels and we accept your waitlisted registration.

There are single day registrations available for Saturday and Sunday. Single day registrations cannot stay overnight (we have limited capacity), so be sure to tell us early so we can have enough food.

There are no registrations at the door! If you don't register by the time registrations closes, you won't be able to participate because we won’t be able to plan on the right number of people to house and feed.