Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to get a state park vehicle permit?

Yes. You can get this as daily passes at the main office or just get the yearly permit. Anyone who purchased the annual permit at Werecamp 2019 will still have a valid permit since we have moved to an early date this year. We would recommend getting a yearly permit as it is just $35 dollars per vehicle and you can use it in all parks. You only need to visit a state park two more days in a year to break even. (No need to wait until Werecamp, enjoy a hike in a nearby park this summer!)

More information can be found here:

I want to bunk/room with specific furs, how do I do that?

When you register, there is a field for additional requests. Use that field to tell us who you would like to room with. We will attempt to make sure “groups” are able to stay together whenever possible. Each wing of a cabin holds 4 double bunks, so we can put up to 8 people together in a single room. We will work with you via email after registration to make room arrangements. Small groups, such as couples, will probably share a room with other small groups. If you want to go over rooming options before registering, use the cabins link on the contact page.

What food is served?

We are keeping the timetable of having a big breakfast as the sun comes up, soup/chili and snacks during day as furs play in the snow, and a big dinner when the sun goes down. We are aiming to make more savory meals this year so please enter food preferences when you register and we will do our best to try to achieve this. We can make special arrangements for individuals who may have special dietary needs. Make sure you mention them when you register and you can use the kitchen link on the contact page to go over your options with staff before you register.

Why is this event 18+?

The main reason for this is due to safety issues and insurance. Organizing camp style outings involving youth without the assistance of a dedicated youth organization is difficult and expensive. Also, there is mature content in Furry, and this allows a space for furs to draw, write or otherwise artistically express themselves in a social setting that is normally not possible. Most furry camping events are restricted to 18+ for similar reasons.

Reminder, the state park does not allow alcohol on premises.

Winter camping? Am I going to freeze to death?

No. Not if you are smart. The cabins and lodge all have heating. So you will always be eating and sleeping in a warm area, as well as during any activities in the lodge. Still, pack to go outdoors with layers and wool socks as cold and snowy conditions will occur. You need to bring all of your own bedding and make sure it has layers. Hiking boots are strongly recommended, but also have indoor footwear as boots should be left at entrances. The bath house is a separate building, so pack footwear with pajamas or a bathrobe to facilitate quick trips to the bathroom if necessary.

I like my privacy, is there any way to get my own “room” ?

Part of the camping experience, especially in cabins, is to bunk with others. At the same time, being 18+ with expensive suits means people may wish a little privacy. You can request to room with specific people that you may be more comfortable with, but smaller groups are not likely to be in a room alone. Also, someone in your group can pack a shower curtain and a tension rod. This helps separate your wing from prying eyes as people enter the cabin.

If privacy is a big issue for you, just be aware that the showers have a communal changing area. The showers themselves are split into three stalls, one is a single and two are doubles. You can try to time your shower for a time when people aren't showering, but as the event grows that will become more difficult.