Werecamp 2020

Friday January 17th - Sunday January 19th

You may ask, “Camping in January, are you nuts?”

Us: “Well, yes, but that’s the point!”

The werewolves of MNFurs have been cooped up in the city all winter and, if they don't get out of town soon, some bossy customer will say the wrong thing and they will all SNAP!! It is time to escape for a weekend of camaraderie and revelry in the beauty of nature to soothe and refocus the sometimes savage beast!

It is said that only crazy people want to go camping in January. OK, we’re in! Werecamp is an event somewhat similar to furry camping conventions. It's currently more focused on being a social gathering and thus light on programming, though that is expected to change as the event grows.

Werecamp is east of Rochester, Minnesota in Whitewater State Park, a beautiful and secluded natural space that still has most of the comforts of home. This is a good thing because Werecamp is currently a winter event. In fact, the only thing that is really missing is internet access, though you can drive to the park office if you really need it. You don't need to be a camper to enjoy this event!

And as always, we want you to enjoy yourself. If you’ve got questions, and the answers aren’t here, or aren’t clear enough, contact us and we’ll get it addressed for you.

When is it?

Werecamp runs Friday, January 17th through Sunday, January 19th, 2020.

This year we have made arrangements to allow you to arrive earlier on Friday. We open at 9am Friday so you can take advantage of all 3 days by arriving early if you like, getting settled in, and be hiking or suiting by noon. Supper is between 5 and 7 with the welcoming ceremony taking place at 7 PM.

Closing ceremonies is at 5 PM on Sunday with one last supper between 5 and 7, at which point we are officially closed. Staff only are staying overnight on Sunday for the purposes of cleaning the Group Center.

Where is it?

Werecamp takes place at the Modern Group Center in Whitewater State Park. (Not to be confused with the group sites, which are less pleasant in winter). It’s a beautiful area, a nice drive, and a great idea to carpool.

The Center includes a Main Lodge, 7 sleeping cabins and the Bathhouse. The Lodge is where we’ll have food, games, fire, and of course all the furries!